Friday, September 24, 2010

Stand Up!, MDGs, UN, and Evo Morales

This has been an exciting week in New York! It started out on Sunday with the Stand Up Against Poverty event at Lincoln Center. I volunteered at the event with the Oxfam Action Corps - New York City. In 2000, world leaders committed to meeting by 2015 Eight millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which set targets for eliminating extreme poverty, ensuring universal primary education, combating HIV/AIDS, improving maternal health, and other important global tasks. Ten years later, we are nowhere close to meeting these goals. The Stand Up event hosted a number of different organizations working towards the MDGs.

This week, world leaders met in New York to discuss the MDGs. I had the opportunity on Tuesday night of listening to Bolivian President Evo Morales give a talk entitled, “Nature is not for sale: The rights of Mother Earth.” The President discussed Bolivia’s struggles with climate change and that in order to save humans, we must first save the earth. We need to rethink our current economic model and find a way to pay our ecological debt. It was inspiring to hear a world leader talk on that level.

Last night I attended Bring Your Own Cause. BYOC is a networking event for individuals interested in international development. The evening hosted a number of interesting organizations. Both Community Lab and the Oxfam Action Corps NYC hosted the event.