Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where does the oil money go?

People are spending money to fill up their gas tanks all the time, but where is that money going?

The video above, "Follow the Money" exposes the secret that oil, gas and mining companies don't want consumers to know: That while mining and oil drilling are multibillion-dollar industries in some of the world's least developed countries, the people of these countries are only losing more.

A bipartisan bill now in Congress would help empower people by making oil, gas and mining companies open their books. This simple act of public disclosure would be an incredibly powerful tool for communities to demand accountability from their leaders -- but some industry lobbyists are working to stop it.

I just wrote my members of Congress to urge them to open the books on mining and oil drilling -- but my letter alone isn't enough.

So I'm asking everybody: Will you join me in demanding justice for these people and communities?

Please, click here to write your representatives in Washington -- it should just take a moment, and it could make a real difference to people and communities around the world.

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