Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Project PLANT-A-TREE (www.plant-a-tree.it) is a guerrilla art project by the artist Stelle Confuse. PLANT-A-TREE believes that development does not go hand-in-hand with uncontrolled building. By visiting the PLANT-A-TREE website, one can participate in the effort by 'planting a tree' in your city and having your name entered into the virtual tree

PLANT-A-TREE takes a stand against uncontrolled building to protect the historical, cultural and landscaped patrimony of earth and the health of its citizens while promoting the birth of new green spaces that serve to balance the destruction caused by urban development.

This campaign uses stickering and other guerrilla art tactics to spread the message. Stickers like the icon above are placed in cities around the world.

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