Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Great Power Race

The Great Power Race is a clean energy competition between students in China, India, and the United States. The aim is to kick-start hundreds of new climate solutions projects on campuses and in communities in all three countries and to demonstrate to governments and businesses our generation's leadership in transforming our world towards a green economy.

The Great Power Race is a joint project of, the Chinese Youth Climate Action Network, the Indian Youth Climate Netwok, and the Energy Action Coaltion.

The Great Power Race begins now. This spring, we will see which country can sign up the most campus teams to take part:

Students, click here to register a team on your campus today:

Not a student? Please encourage any students you know in China, India or the US to sign up.

Ultimately, this is a race for all of humanity -- a race to solve the greatest challenge of our time and to realize the greatest opportunity for a prosperous future.

Each of the creators works as a coordinator for youth climate movement campaigns in their respective countries, and are excited to be working on this international campaign together.

Our parents raced for the Moon. Our generation will race for the Earth. Ready, set, GO!

There are a lot of college students on Facebook and Twitter. You can start to rally your friends to sign up for the Great Power Race with just a few clicks:
For Facebook, click here: 
For Twitter, click here:

Even if you are you not in China, India, or the US you can still be a part of the Race: visit and please do forward this email to students you know in those three countries.

There will also be opportunities to link the Great Power Race with 10/10/10--the "Global Work Party." 10/10/10 will be a day to launch or showcase our climate solution projects for students and non-students all over the world.

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