Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The newly redesigned Woodward Building in Vancouver's downtown east side has recently hosted the exhibit Vancouver, Vancouverize, Vancouverism: Building and Idea.

"Vancouverizing" is a term that has been used by architects and city planners over the past decade to describe the redevelopment of under-populated, un-loved urban cores. Vancouver has become first a verb, and now, an ideology promoting an urbanism of density and public amenity.  Vancouverism at its best brings together a deep respect for the natural environment with high concentrations of residents.  Within condominium residential towers downtown and courtyard and boulevard-edging mid-rise buildings elsewhere in the city, Vancouverites are learning to live tightly together.

The Vancouverism exhibition hopes to be a catalyst for debate and reflection and includes photographs, drawings, videos, scale models, and full size building details of innovative design and city building in Vancouver.

If you would like to learn more about Vancouverism and it's origins, be sure to check out Trevor Boddy's article - Vancouverism vs. Lower Manhattanism: Shaping the High Density City.

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