Wednesday, September 23, 2009

West Coast Green Conference

I recently learned that I received a full conference scholarship from West Coast Green. West Coast Green is the largest interactive conference on green innovation for the built environment and is taking place in San Francisco's Fort Mason Center, October 1-3, 2009.

West Coast Green attracts thousands of the brightest minds in green building, business, and technology.

West Coast Green is a feast of innovations, ideas and opportunities:

* 125 speakers – hear from the industries top leaders – including Ray Anderson, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Michelle Kaufmann, Hazel Henderson, Bill Reed, Dan Kammen, Andrew Tang, Josh Becker, and more!

* 300 exhibitors – see the emerging breakthroughs, clean tech showcase, and the coolest innovations in green

* Entrepreneurship Series – launch your concept to the next level with one-on-one expert business consultation

* Network like crazy – build your future and meet your next business partner at dynamic, topic-specific networking sessions

* More! Experience the Green Jobs Pavilion, Self-sustaining Show Home, Hanging Storm Water Gardens, and more

Register now to gain the tools you need to express your brilliance!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BIXI Bikeshare Montreal is Fantastic

Bixi Bikes in a row

I was recently on holiday in Montreal and had the pleasure of experiencing another city's bike-ability. Montreal is a fantastic city for bikes. First of all, they have implemented a fantastic bike sharing service called BIXI.

BIXI is a very simple concept. There are hundreds of BIXI bike racks around the city. You can have an annual membership for about $78, or if you're just visiting Montreal, you can pay $5 and have access to the system for the day. In order to get a BIXI bike, you just have to walk up to one of the bike racks solar powered panels, put in your credit card and you get a code that you can put into any of the bikes on the rack and take out. When you're done with the bike you simply put it in any other BIXI bike rack in the city. It is genius and I highly recommend it.

Montreal is very bikeable. During the summer, sections of main roads are sectioned off for bicycle use only. So bikers don't have to ride with the cars. They also have a number of non-BIXI bike racks around the city. For example, on a street with parking meters, the bike racks are in between the bike meters.

Bike hook up by parking metres

This creates an area that is as bike friendly as it is car friendly - pretty unusual for a North American city.

Montreal - a fantastic city for bikers, at least in the summer months.