Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Carbon Neutral Games

This morning's Sustainability Community Breakfast was entitled "Carbon Neutral Games VANOC and Offsetters". The breakfast featured Linda Coady, Vice President of Sustainability at VANOC and James Tansey, President and Co-founder of Offsetters as speakers as well as a presentation by Project

The 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver are to be the first Games in Olympic history to have a carbon offset sponsor. The locally-based Offsetters Clean Technology is working with VANOC to neutralize the carbon footprint of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games with projects that showcase BC leadership and innovation on climate solutions.

VANOC provided an update on their sustainability planning for the Winter Games and launched the new Vancouver 2010 Sustainability Journey video:

The video aims to cross language, cultural and inter-generational barriers in describing the sustainable features of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. A summary of these features can be seen here. However, I am not entirely sure that someone without a background in sustainability would be able to fully understand what the video is trying to portray.

While I do find most offsetting companies to be suspect, I did like how Offsetters works to help individuals and companies understand, reduce, track, and offset their climate impact, rather than just offering a financial solution of being able to buy offsets and continue on with 'business as usual'.

Project Bluesky put on an entertaining presentation on how athletes are working with the Olympic Committee, Offsetters, students and other professionals to reduce emissions by encouraging people to log the kilometres they walk, cycle, or ride on public transit and challenge their friends to do the same. They also presented the widget, which allows participants to log their own modes of transportation.

However, I feel that this widget is primarily only of use to people who frequently drive. If you already take public transport regularly, the widget does not account for changes in behavior, such as changing from riding a diesel bus every day to biking or walking.

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