Friday, June 12, 2009

Transformational Thought, Design, People

Cascadia has recently released their 2 Quarter 2009 edition of trim tab. Some of the articles that this edition features includes the South Lake Union Discover Center, how passion and the power of the individual can make transformative change, economic benefits and living buildings and thoughts surrounding density and sustainability.

In the article 'Density and Sustainability - A Radical Perspective', the author, Jason McLennan, asks the question, "What building heights and urban densities result in the maximum benefits to culture, society and the environment?" The author argues the excessive urban density is not the most sustainable answer and that there should be limits to the density of our cities and to the heights of the buildings. He discusses a "sweet spot" or optimal range that results in the kind of urbanity that best meets our needs and should guide our long-term vision of the cities of tomorrow and outlines that the "sweet spot" tends to be in the 4 to 8 story height range at densities between 30 and 100 units/acre. The author argues that In this proposed range, the best results are achieved: enough density to allow for car-free living in a city that is resilient and walkable, while keeping us close enough to the ground to maintain our relationship with the earth and with one another - thus looking at density from both a spatial as well as a vertical perspective.

To learn more about Cascadia and trim tab you may visit the following link.

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