Friday, June 26, 2009

Reece Terris - Ought Apartment

The Vancouver Art Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit by artist Reece Terris. The installation, called Ought Apartment, consist of a tower that rises from the main floor to the full height of the central rotunda, in which sections from six apartments are stacked one on top of another. Each apartment is furnished with discarded items from the 1950s (on the lowest level) up to the present decade (at the top). Through this process of “making strange,” Terris invites viewers to consider their relationship to the consumption and construction of domestic space and the role this space plays in locating a public as social subjects.

Walking through the installation is like walking through time. What is most amazing is that Ought Apartment is made up entirely of reclaimed materials - thus showing how easy it is to furnish an apartment of any era with recycled goods.

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