Monday, May 4, 2009

Melting glaciers around the world

The Guardian online recently posted a gallery of glaciers around the world. As temperatures rise due to climate change, glaciers are retreating at unprecedented rates. Some ice caps, glaciers, sea ice and even an ice shelf have disappeared altogether in this century and many more are retreating so rapidly that they may vanish within a matter of decades.

National Geographic also has their own gallery, Climate Change: Pictures of a Warming World.

By looking at historic photos, it becomes very clear that the glaciers are melting very quickly. The Guardian gallery shows enormous differences in just the past year as seen in their pictures of the French Alps near Chamonix.

However, this is by no means new information, in 2006 NPR released a story of Alaska's melting glaciers, providing a comparison of pictures taken 70 years ago to the glaciers in 2006.

The pictures are not only stunning, but also outline how climate change is having a real impact on our planet.

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