Monday, April 27, 2009

Seoul Commune 2026: Rethinking "Towers in the Park"

Seoul Commune 2026 is an alternative sustainable community designed to be viable in an overpopulated metropolis. By rethinking the division of private and public space, Seoul Commune 2026 creates a third intermediate space condition to accommodate spontaneous social interactions. The exterior skin consists of geotextiles and photovoltaic glass panels creating a complex network of private, semi public and public spaces.

"Towers in the park" is a relatively new Asian urban spacial structure that has swiftly been gaining in popularity. It consists of two contrasting elements: the park represents the public space, while the rising towers are an accumulation of individual dwelling units and private space. The designers of Seoul Commune 2026 saw the lack of intermediary space as a problem in engaging these two opposing aspects. Seoul Commune 2026 solves this problem by connecting and balancing the two elements (the towers and the park) and creating a condition in which the towers become the park and the park becomes the towers

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