Monday, April 20, 2009

Oxfam Canada's Climate Change Campaign Launch

Approaching Jericho Beach
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On Saturday, volunteers and members of the community gathered to launch Oxfam Canada's Climate Change Campaign in Vancouver. Participants marched 6kms from the Vancouver Art Gallery to Jericho Beach Park.

The average distance that people in developing countries walk each day for clean water is 6 km. - a distance that is growing due to climate change. Oxfam walked with buckets of water to symbolize what millions of citizens in the developing world (mostly women) have to go through every day just to access clean drinking water.

There is a deep injustice in the impact of climate change. Poor communities around the world are the least responsible for emissions. But they are suffering the greatest effects – increased droughts, floods, disease and hunger. Poverty and isolation makes them the most vulnerable and the least able to adapt. Within poor communities, women suffer the most.

Volunteers collected signatures and educated the public on issues surrounding climate change, the food crisis and women's rights.

The day ended at Jericho Beach Park for the annual Evergreen Earth Day celebration where the global impact of climate change was put in context with local measures to reduce Canada's impact on climate change.

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