Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Under Fire

A couple months ago I wrote a blog about Gary Braasch's photography.

Gary Braasch has recently completed the book EARTH UNDER FIRE: How Global Warming is Changing the World. Through vivid pictures and compelling narrative, the book tells of his extraordinary 8-year journey around the world to document changes already underway to people, communities and ecosystems. The book promises to offer an upbeat and intelligent account of how we can lessen the effects of our near-total dependence on fossil fuels using technologies and energy sources already available.

Featuring more than one hundred photographs — including dramatic before-and-after comparisons — EARTH UNDER FIRE records species, cultures, and entire ecosystems at risk due to receding glaciers, eroding coastlines, rising sea levels, and thawing permafrost. The powerful, eye-opening images show glacial retreat from the Alps to the Andes, coastal erosion threatening native villages from Alaska to Bangladesh, and other direct evidence that global warming is happening right now.

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