Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Water Footprint Calculator has developed a water footprint calculator to determine an individual's 'water footprint'. Your individual water footprint is equal to the water required to produce the goods and services consumed by you. The water footprint calculator was developed by the researchers at UNESCO-IHE to assess an individuals unique water footprint. The calculations are based on the water requirements per unit of product as in your country of residence.

The Water Footprint Network was developed with the recognition that human impacts on freshwater systems can ultimately be linked to human consumption and that issues like water shortages and pollution can be better understood and addressed by considering production and supply chains as a whole. It is increasingly acknowledged that local water depletion and pollution are often closely tied to the structure of the global economy. Many countries have significantly externalised their water footprint, importing water-intensive goods from elsewhere. This puts pressure on the water resources in the exporting regions, where too often mechanisms for wise water governance and conservation are lacking. Not only governments acknowledge their role in achieving a better management of water resources, also businesses and public-service organisations increasingly recognize their role in the interplay of actors involved in water use and management.

The Water Footprint Network works to develop standards (methods, guidelines, criteria) for water footprint accounting, water footprint impact assessment and the reduction and offsetting of the negative impacts of water footprints. In order to accomplish this they work at developing practical tools to support people and organisations interested in water footprint accounting, impact assessment and water footprint reduction and offsetting.

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