Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recycled Lights and Lamps Designs

In WebEcoist's article Illuminating Reuse, they give 15 examples of lights made from recycled materials. Designers have taken advantage of egg cartons, Legos, ballpoint pens, blenders and plastic spoons and transformed them into into interesting light fixtures.

One of my favorites is the Light Bulb Lamp. The lamp creates a creative use for old incandescent bulbs. As everyone is making the switch to CFLs, it seems like a bit backwards to toss out your old lights. Bulbs Unlimited makes it easy to recycle them into a quirky light fixture with DIY kits that save old dead bulbs from an unpleasant fate in the landfill.

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design4home said...

We have lamp shades made from Chamois leather - far superior to rawhide. Our rustic shades come in western, southwestern, and animal/wildlife themes. We have a nice variety of antler lamps.


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