Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Dirty Lie

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of Waterkeeper Alliance, announced today the launch of the group’s first national anti-coal campaign. Called “The Dirty Lie,” the campaign is intended to create broader awareness of the destructiveness of coal—from its role in propping up an antiquated fossil-fuel-based economy to its adverse effects on the environment and the health of millions of Americans—and, ultimately, to bring about a change in national energy policy.

The coal industry and their lobbyists want you to believe coal is clean. The truth is that coal pollutes water, devastates communities, forests and mountains, kills wildlife and contributes to climate change. Coal has poisoned drinking water and fish, contaminating bodies and babies with mercury and other toxins. Coal causes a long inventory of serious illnesses, including asthma, kidney and heart disease, cancer and premature death. Coal kills its own workers through irresponsible mining practices.

Instead of taking responsibility for the devastation and death they’ve caused, the coal industry has spent nearly $40 million in a cover up promoting clean coal, something that simply doesn’t exist. And it never will.

The more we learn about the coal industry and their dirty lies, the more power we will have to fight for a clean and safe environment and a renewable future. Pull the lever to learn more about the coal industry and their dirty lies.

The campaign’s hub is a fantastic website that will house video and editorial content and provide visitors with interactive tools to become anti-coal activists. The campaign is reaching beyond the traditional environmental community by using the most up-to-date online viral marketing techniques, with the goal of galvanizing broad popular interest via the web. No other environmental organization taking on the coal industry has attempted something this innovative.

The website’s core is a list of lies propagated by the coal industry, including the dirtiest lie of all: that coal can ever be clean. The site exposes the lies through scientific studies, legal facts, videos, and graphics, revealing the shocking truths about the destructiveness of the entire coal life cycle.

Source: Causecast

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