Friday, March 20, 2009

Amphibious Community/Health Center

The Hope Floats Initiative- Amphibious Community/Health Center is currently in the design process in Atlanta. It is hoped that if the prototype of the floating community center/clinic is successful it will then move to Makoko - a slum settlement of about 30,000 on the Atlantic coast within the city of Lagos, Nigeria

The team is currently in the process of finalizing all necessary permits. However, since the project is located within an illegal slum settlement, formal consent from the government may not be necessary. This shoreline slum includes some 30,000 diverse inhabitants most of which are illegal immigrants or the working poor. At present there is only one other known public health facility operated by a non-governmental organization (NGO) in the area.

This project is the next phase of Holcim Awards 'Next Generation' 1st prize 2008 Africa-Middle East entry 'Amphibious Dwellings in informal Settlements, Lagos Nigeria' The anticipated outcome of this project will be not only a free healthcare facility but also a clear demonstration of alternative means of developing informal settlements. With the joint effort of all stakeholders the module will thus become a catalyst for overall redevelopment of similar settlements which will utilize the energy and creativity of people to produce healthy and ecologically sound solutions to the housing crises in Lagos.

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