Monday, February 9, 2009

Studio Roosegaarde and the Sustainable Dance Floor

Studio Roosegaarde, located in Rotterdam, Netherlands creates interactive artworks which explore the dynamic relation between architecture, people and e-culture.

Studio Roosegaarde is the home of artist Daan Roosegaarde. As an artistic laboratory it creates interactive technologies and designs for the creative industry. The work at Studio Roosegaarde explores the dynamic relation between Architecture, people and new media. In this research the sculptures are a materialized collision of technology and the human body. Through the use of new media the sculptures trigger human senses to make a sensual engagement with their environment

Studio Roosegaarde is internationally known for its interactive artworks like 'Dune' and 'Sustainable Dance Floor'.

Sustainable Dance Floor is an interactive floor which generates electricity through the movements of people dancing. Studio Roosegaarde created the first Sustainable Dance Floor which uses mechanisms and embedded technologies to interact with energy.

Via interactive technologies a sensual and interactive environment is created in which dancers are engaged with a Sustainable experience.

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