Monday, February 23, 2009

Silent Snow Project

Silent Snow is a project which outlines the environmental problems in Greenland due to chemical poisoning. Via currents in the ocean and attached to snow, pesticides like DDT are carried northbound into Inuit land, causing illness and premature death. Silent Snow is a documentary project investigating, together with the people who are affected the most, what turns out to be a structural pollution of the entire global environmental system.

The project aims to raise awareness of the problems that face the Inuit communities in Greenland. The project includes both a short and a feature length documentary by Jan van den Berg, educational material for schools and a website. In the short film the subject is introduced by following two young girls in Greenland and the way in which they are confronted with the pollution of their environment.

In the feature length documentary a young Inuit woman travels around the world looking for the causes of this pollution. As such the film highlights not only the consequences in the polar region, but also the causes and dilemmas, such as the use of DDT against malaria in Africa.

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