Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google PowerMeter

Being able to visualize your energy use helps people determine what appliances use the most amount of energy and allow them to learn where to cut back on energy use. A report by the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University showed that real-time information on energy use can save people up to 15% of their energy bills.

Google has taken the concept of monitoring and visualizing energy use and created Powermeter, a website tool that receives information from networked smart meters in homes and lets you see and analyse your energy use.

The Powermeter is not yet available to use for your home - Google wants to test the meter on its own employees first - but the company is already looking for collaborators to roll out the device and website in pilot programmes.

Google says the Powermeter is part of a wider plan to push government policy to adopt more smart meters in homes. "If we are going to have an energy revolution, then empowering users should be a fundamental part of that transformation."

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