Monday, February 9, 2009

arc, Hull

“A lean-to to learn from.”

arc is the architecture centre for Hull the Humber sub-region. arc architecture centre has the purpose of raising public, professional and local government understanding of architecture and public space. They attempt to accomplish this through a variety of learning, skills activities and public events for adults and young people to raise aspirations and increase a sense of ownership of buildings and spaces.

The building is engineered to embody ‘carbonsense’ to celebrate how new buildings can minimise their CO2 emissions through efficient design and use of renewable energy.

The design relates the built environment to the wider environment as a whole. The building itself is an education tool, it overtly expresses the processes that enable it to function, both structurally and environmentally. The building structure takes its cue from the estuarine nature of the landscape around Hull.

Read more about the sustainable features of the building here.

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