Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alternative Bicycles

Phil Bridge, a 21 year old student from Sheffield created a working £15 bicycle out of industrial-strength cardboard. The bike is made almost entirely from recyclable and recycled materials, using mechanical parts that can be reused. The bike is strong enough for a rider weighing up to 12 stones and will not go soft in the rain. However, the bike has a life expectancy of only about six months.

Last year, a 16 year old student from Pointe Claire, Quebec created a bicycle made entirely of wood including the chain. He used some glue but no metal, plastic or rubber. The student was inspired by his grandfather's tales of life in Holland during the Second World War.

Matt Clark, an industrial designer from Southern California has created a bike consisting entirely of reinforced and unreinforced recyclable polypropylene. His vision is to mass produce this bike as cheaply as possible using recycled materials. Recycle-ability, a significant objective, was met by utilizing polypropylene throughout the entire frame structure to ensure it is fully recyclable.

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