Monday, November 3, 2008

Aspen Design Challenge

Cumulus has created the Aspen Design Challenge - Designing Water's Future competition for students and recent graduates.

''In March 2008, Cumulus adopted the Kyoto Design Declaration, committing itself and its members to sharing the global responsibility for building sustainable, human-centered and creative societies. As one of the first opportunities to demonstrate the strength and reach of design education and students in addressing global problems, Cumulus faculty and students have been invited to participate in the first of what will become one of the most prestigious annual global design events, the Aspen Design Challenge-Designing Water's Future."

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Steve said...

Hi. I just read your blog about the Aspen Design Challenge and wanted to mention that, although Cumulus is involved in spreading the word about the project and encouraging faculty and students to form groups, two other organizations actually created it: AIGA, the professional association for design in the United States, and INDEX:, a nonprofit organized to show how design can improve life for people.

Currently, more than 300 students from around the world have signed up, and schools are still invited to participate. The deadline for project submissions is December 15.

Visit for more information.