Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stanley Park and Art

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I have recently enrolled in an EcoArt course taught by Beth Carruthers at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

In this course we explore ideas around ecology, art and the environment. One of the projects we are looking at is the Stanley Park Environmental Art Project. This past Saturday we conducted a walking tour of the park and met with artists Peter von Tiesenhausen and John Hemsworth.

Peter and John chose to work with an 800 year old tree that had fallen during the wind storms last year to create their ephemeral work. The tree had been cut to allow for the path and had a section that had been cut out of it further in the park that had been sent to Beijing. Rather than working with the tree, which felt egotistical, they wanted to work with the gap that was off the path.

One of the points they made that I found interesting, was that when people see something that is 800 years old that is man made, it is revered, but yet we walk among trees and natural objects that are as old or older every day and barely pay attention.

I think EcoArt helps us to pay attention to what is in the world an acknowledge that our actions have an effect on the world around us.

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