Friday, June 6, 2008


In order to create change, we must work together. Scientists, policy makers, businesses and artists have all been interested in creating change for the better. By working together they can combine thier strengths and creater a stronger, interlinked movement.

A number of initiatiives have been created to encourage such cooperation.

seen & unseen is an initiative of Helix Arts which was created in order to provide models for developing collaborative practice to finding solutions as well as raising awareness about pollution. Artists, scientists and members of the community work together to educate and find solutions to sustainability issues.

In the Climate Change Explorer Project, artists acted as a catalyst in devising a cross curricula education project, involving teachers and students in creative ways of exploring ideas around climate change by using the internet to stimulate new perspectives on the issue.

Many projects around the world have been developed in which scientist, artists, the public and organizations work together to find solutions. These networks are integral towards finding solutions to issues of sustainability and development.

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